Welcome back, part 2

So why haven’t I written in two months??? I asked myself this question, and my reply was that I was too busy or looking for the perfect material to write about. But if I am honest with myself (and lately I am being brutally honest without being hurtful), the real reason why I don’t write consistently is exactly the same as with eating healthy or exercising. It’s simply because I feel lazy and since I don’t think I will write a perfect column, or cook and eat a healthy meal, or complete a two hour workout, I simply don’t even start. Better not to fail, right?

Well, today I decided to do the same “trick” that has been working for me with eating healthier foods (adding veggies instead of french fries), or exercising a little each day (have yoga mat next to bed and do few poses every day). I decided to just sit down and write a few sentences in order start the habit of writing. My goal is to write 3 times a week, about anything that moves me, or makes me want to learn and move forward. No pressure, this is a self-imposed goal, and I only have to answer to myself. A few steps every few days will add up to many steps over weeks, months, etc.

Just with anything, the hardest part is to start. So let’s start…again.

2 thoughts on “Welcome back, part 2”

  1. One thing that helps drive me is, “Progress, no perfection.” So if we seek only for progress every day, vs. perfection, then it’ll be so much easier to start the task. Knowing that we do NOT have to be perfect. We only have to make progress. =)


    1. Yes, you are absolutely correct. Being a perfectionist is always a crutch in doing tasks because you want to be close to 100% ready. But that never happens, so daily progress should be the goal. Thanks for pointing that out!


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