Half Way Point

Today is the last day of June, half way point of the year; perfect time for self-evaluation and accountability.

I want to share something I have started doing just prior to starting this blog, and which I think will help those of us starting out with self-development, and also those with established businesses.

At the beginning of June, I set as personal goals to do the following EVERY DAY: 25 push-ups, 10-minute yoga, 5-minute meditation, read one chapter, write 50 words, say positive declarations, express gratefulness, and pray. I printed a monthly calendar from Outlook and marked results at the end of each day (see attached photo).

At the end of June, I tallied the results as follows:

Exercise: 29 days

Yoga: 16 days

Meditation: 19 days

Reading: 30 days

Writing: 28 days

Declarations: 23 days

Gratefulness: 4 days

Praying: 30 days

I can now see that I succeeded in some goals (exercise, reading, writing, praying), but not in others (yoga, meditation, gratefulness). Having a visual calendar helps me see where I am doing well, which motivates me and makes these habits easier to continue. It also shows me where I am not doing well, so I can examine why that is, and improve there.

The calendar idea comes from a book called “mini Habits” by Stephen Guise, which I STRONGLY recommend: https://minihabits.com/

You can also use this method to focus on your business, such as doing ONE thing every day that keeps your business advancing (meet a new contact, send an email, attend networking event, create something, research, purchase supplies, etc.). At the end of the month, you will have done AT LEAST 30/31 things (most likely more) to keep your business moving forward.

I truly hope this helps you.

On to July…



1 thought on “Half Way Point”

  1. Great ideas to stay focused on achieving goals! Thanks for sharing. Keep working on yours. The sky is the limit.


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