Today my friend gave me a very good analogy for life. Life is like driving to work in the morning, you know the starting point (home) and end point (work). You start off in the usual road you take every morning, but invariably, there is traffic and you are forced to take alternate roads, one after another, taking roads that you believe have less traffic, are more pleasant, are on the way to to a place you wish to stop momentarily, etc. Then eventually you reach work but took a different path than what you expected to take at the start of the day. These different roads you decide to take are decisions you must take along the road of life (after high school, start working or go to college, keep dating someone or take the next step, rent or buy a home, etc.) So following the analogy, the following day you will take those roads that you had success and will avoid those with strife. We should do that in life as well, think hard about decisions we took early in our life, and evaluate the outcome, and then decide that the next time we are faced with similar option, we make the same or different decision. Easier said than done, but that is the only way to become aware of our internal thinking and decision making process.

1 thought on “Decisions”

  1. Interesting analogy between traffic and life. I agree. We have a planned route and sometimes we have to be flexible and make adjustments to get to our destination. In life, the lessons we learn when things don’t go as planned help us build resiliency and make us stronger. Thanks for a great read. 🙏🏼


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