My 101 Tweets

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101.Every social media interaction reveals our search for connection. 08/20/20

100.Realize the difference between a pause and a detour. 08/19/20

099.If you want to develop a new skill, make a decision to do it, create habits that will assist you, and be consistent. Mindset alone will not be enough in long run. 08/18/20

098.Your body will tell your mind. 08/17/20

097.On the sunset of the day, when your energies seem all depleted, give it one last, small push. You may be surprised with the results. 08/16/20

096.Preparation saves you reparation. 08/15/20

095.Maturity is realizing, accepting and correcting your part when something didn’t work out. 08/14/20

094.Let’s develop an abundance mindset. Instead of only thinking of ways to cut down, we should also think of ways to add. 08/13/20

093.We cannot rewind or backtrack ideas. Write them down as soon as they pop up in your mind. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. 08/12/20

092.Our greatest strength lies next to our greatest (perceived) weakness. 08/11/20

091.Finishing a goal feels great. Creating the goal yourself and then completing it, leads to even higher level of accomplishment. 08/10/20

090.Play. You will either win or lose, but being on the field beats sitting on the bench or in the stands any day. 08/09/20

089.In 2020 we’re all being graded on a curve. Instead of merely passing the class, aim to ace it! 08/08/20

088.Asking other people to do something for you can feel uncomfortable. But that may be exactly what they need to hear, that they are needed. 08/08/20

087.Don’t be afraid of picking the correct group. The one most needed will pick you. 08/07/20

086.Accomplishments shouldn’t be measured by visible results only, as they involve past knowledge, current work and skills, and even relationships. All these cannot be easily accounted for. 08/06/20

085.The larger the sample size, the more we realize we’re not as unique or so in control of our actions, as we previously believed. 08/05/20

084.After you learn something new, do ONE THING with that new knowledge. 08/04/20

083.Your personal to-do list can be rearranged depending on mood, unexpected events, new priorities. You are the best judge of your time. 08/03/20 

082.Events that caused major anxiety, when done for the second time, much less. 08/02/20

081.Life is a test where copying off each other benefits all. 08/01/20

080.Instead of fixing yourself, be your true self. 07/31/20

079.When something has meaning to you, it becomes fail-proof. 07/30/20

078.Make an effort. People will notice it, and will help, harm or leave you alone. Then you will know where you stand. 07/29/20

077.There is no right time to share. Do it when you feel is appropriate. 07/28/20

076.A negative situation is one action away from a turnaround. 07/27/20

075.We can share experiences (external) or ideas (internal), past or present. 07/26/20

074.With enough experience, we can develop our own theories. 07/25/20

073.Don’t think “one less thing to do”, but instead “one new skill learned”. Completing never ending to-do lists makes you focus on low level activities. Concentrate your best energy on high level ones instead. 07/24/20

072.Everything may be going well in our current path, but get stalled when taking a detour. We can always retrace our steps, use w-dohat worked and leave what did not, and get back on track. 07/23/20

071.Life is about making decisions; it can’t be avoided it. To have a “successful” life we must make mostly good decisions. To make good decisions, we have to make bad ones; it can’t be avoided. 07/22/20

070.A worthy journey will have many obstacles along the way. Some of them will be uncomfortable and will test our will and determination. Instead of abandoning the quest, it’s OK to slow down, ask for guidance, or look for alternative routes. 07/21/20

069.You have faced many complex problems throughout your life. You have resolved them and you can do it again. 07/20/20

068.Speak a language your audience can understand, but don’t lose your own unique voice. 07/19/20

067.Enjoy It Now. 07/18/20

066.Peace of mind results when decisions originated from good intentions. 07/17/20

065.If you can stand behind your product (yourself), it’s always a good time to start. 07/16/20

064.Change your mindset from “I hope they like me” to “I hope I like them”. 07/16/20

063.Include frequent checkpoints in your processes. If left unmonitored, small oversights can become large disasters. 07/15/20

062.You won’t know how you feel about a particular situation until you start doing it. 07/14/20

061.Your mindset at a given time will help you uncover or block opportunities. 07/13/20

060.Look beyond how something is not good, and focus on how it can be improved. 07/13/20

059.Write and direct you own life movie. The biggest benefit is casting yourself as the star. 07/12/20

058.A new habit can be added by having an intention that resonates with you. 07/11/20

057.Keep tinkering with your formula.  Each iteration will lead to new possibilities. 07/10/20

056.Take ownership of your life! 07/09/20

055.Get motivated from others’ (good) actions. 07/09/20

054.Don’t use your own experiences as reference to judge others. Unless you know their whole story, and you don’t, err on the side of giving second chances. 07/08/20

053.Your greatest skills may be hidden in tasks considered (by you) irrelevant. 07/07/20

052.Having a conversation with someone is not like reading a regular book. It’s more like reading a biography. Always keep in mind the backstory. 07/07/20

051.The first time you try something new, you’ll have many reasons to stop. Fewer the second time. 07/06/20

050.First, we must break away from society’s mental chains. Then, from our own. 07/05/20

049.A good reputation is difficult to earn, easy to maintain, and even easier to lose. 07/04/20

048.Motivation is contagious and bidirectional. 07/03/20

047.The less planned experience sometimes turns out to be the most fulfilling one. 07/02/20

046.Doing things when others don’t, will strengthen self confidence. 07/01/20

045.Don’t rush the foundation. It will affect everything that comes on top of it. 07/01/20

044.We have more control over how our lives turn out than we realize. 06/30/20

043.Based on their individual talents and aspirations, set others up for success. 06/29/20

042.Isolation, if done correctly, can enhance our soul. 06/29/20

041.Let others bring warmth to your home. 06/28/20

040.When your loved ones complement you on something you do, keep doing that. 06/27/20

039.Your first instinct may not be the right one, or even yours. 06/26/20

038.Ideas arrive like waves, we should act on them before they float away. 06/25/20

037.If read correctly, small details in a situation can be big hints to its reasons. 06/24/20

036.Others are aware of your talent and potential. Deliver! 06/23/20

035.Craft your days, making each one unique. 06/22/20

034.Instead of asking for recommendations, become one who recommends. 06/22/20

033.We play various roles during our lives, but not always in the order we planned. 06/22/20

032.Having high expectations makes it easier to decide. 06/21/20

031.Idea people are extremely scarce. When you find one, don’t take her for granted. 06/20/20

030.Go about your day with less checklists and more wishlists. 06/20/20

029.Spend more time in setting up the system, and less time in reacting and fixing outcomes. 06/19/20

028.Your personal output often goes unnoticed by everyone but you. 06/18/20

027.The seemingly impossible tasks get easier once you tackle them. Or maybe you just get better. 06/17/20

026.Be grateful of people who help you get your second wind. 06/16/20

025.You can figure it out on the way. 06/16/20

024.Keep working on your dream relentlessly. One day, you’ll be able to touch it. 06/15/20

023.Make stuff from scratch. The ingredients you choose will show you what you value. 06/14/20

022.The speed of the journey is inconsequential, but the consistency is not. 06/13/20

021.As soon as we lift uncertainty’s veil, it loses its grip on us. 06/12/20

020.Everyone has a backstory. Invest the time in finding out what it is. 06/12/20

019.Let’s not get stuck playing easy levels. Harder levels will be more challenging, but so will the rewards. 06/11/20

018.You’ll never be comfortable in most situations. Become comfortable with how you’ll handle them. 06/10/20

017.We are multi layered. Yet others only see few of them. 06/10/20

016.You can gauge your personal growth by your definition of impossible. 06/09/20

015.Your first reaction to any news will show your true feelings. Don’t lie to yourself. 06/09/20

014.Expertise is reached when crossing the border from knowledge into wisdom. 06/08/20

013.Always keep your word. Especially to yourself. 06/08/20

012.Don’t underestimate your accomplishments. They show us our values and what we’re capable of achieving. 06/07/20

011.Any situation can have multiple levels of reaction. Choose wisely. 06/06/20

010.Consistent small wins compound to big victories. A seemingly insignificant skill today will one day fill up your toolbox. 06/06/20

009.If something affects your mood positively or negatively, take the time to find out why. 06/05/20

008.Search for the best medium for your voice. When you find it, don’t let it go. 06/05/20

007.Good ideas come partially from creativity, but mainly from caring. 06/04/20

006.Once we reach 80% completion of current project, start working on next project. Accomplishment and excitement will ride together during this short window. 06/04/20

005.Using your expertise to bring peace of mind to others is priceless. 06/03/20

004.Each day brings gifts. Open your mind, heart, soul to finding them. 06/02/20

003.Don’t wait too long to embrace ideas, as you’ll miss the magic of novelty. 06/01/20

002.You’re the coach of your life, it’s OK to call time out. 05/31/20

001.Be kind to others, let others be kind to you. 05/30/20

*Check My 101 Tweet Project here.

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